Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jill's Reception

My friend Jill married Thomas on January 2nd. They celebrated last night with friends and family in Marble Falls. I met Jill 4 years ago. She was the sub for me when I had Kenna.
Me and Calan

Crystal, Reese, Calan and Aaron
Crystal and Reese

Me and Tara
Tara is my teaching partner. She is having her 2nd child in March.

Jill's daughter MaeSyn

McCain eating the yummy ribs!!!!

Crystal, Tara, Erika and me

Crystal, Jill (the bride) and me
So the jacket I wore must have shrunk when I last washed it. I came home and threw it away. I am going to my sister's next weekend and she will take me to Forever 21 and then we are going to watch Dear John. I can't wait. I need some girl time. Chris traveled last week and he is also going to be gone all next week. UH!!!!!!!!!! It makes the week so long and I get sooooo exhausted.
Hubby and Kenna at Kyli's bball game. She made 2 baskets, stole the ball many times and had many assists. Kyli ROCKS!!!!!

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