Sunday, December 13, 2015

Isla Mujeras-day 3 and 4

Dinner with all 9 couples. Food was amazing and cheap!!!! The water was gorgeous!I'll definately be going back to Isla Mujeras.

 This dinner was amazing and it was only $18!!!

 my balcony- we have never stayed this close to the water and had this view

 Headed to the other end of the island on the golf cart

 Chris and I
check out that water

 Mikey snorkeling for the first time

 Kim and I just chilling

 Stacy and Wesley found all sorts of fun things

 Soggy Pesos- All you need is TWO(margaritas)

 Red Raider alum

 so how we all ended up in the water

 and now we are headed back to IxChel

That was the most amazing trip with great friends. I skipped school for three days and it was a great getaway with Chris. If you do not date your hubby, you need to. Can't wait to go back.