Saturday, September 13, 2014

Durango phone pics

Last day sight seeing around Silverton area.
On the way home we stayed in Lubbock and visited with BFF, Amy and her family

              More sightseeing
My mom  sent me this pic of Raider while we were away. So funny!!!

        Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings

Jay and Carrie stayed on the Animas river. So beautiful!!
           KB and Taylor, BFF

            The Gronas
       My love nuggets

Yes, KB and I lost our hide on the alpine slide!!!!
              Jay and Chris
     Carrie and I

We always stop in Lubbock and play for about 2 hours

First day of school

   Family pic on the first day of school

         KB is in 3rd, Kyli is in 6th

Thursday, September 11, 2014

BF 2014

The first weekend in August we had our 9th BF in San Antonio. I left my girls on a Friday and had the best weekend catching up.
The Twinkie and I waiting on our 3 besties.
    We have the most amazing friendship!!!!