Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to School

4 Weeks after surgery

Today I went back to school. My class was awesome. I have taught for 10 years and this is the BEST class by far. They are all so amazing and each student is unique and special in his/her own way. It is amazing how God works. He knew I needed a fantastic class because this surgery is what he had in store for me. I am still healing from the surgery on Dec. 8th. My head is sensitive and sore. It is truly unbelievable how quickly how I have healed. God is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

If you know me, you know I don't let things get me down. Well, I thought that I didn't stress much about the surgery. I gave it to God and I knew he would take care of me. Well, now that the surgery is over and I am doing awesome I know that I was stressed. I feel so happy. I seem to laugh more and I am not as short tempered as I was.

I discovered a song by Leona Lewis. It is called Footprints in the Sand. I listened to it every day for two months. Sometimes I would play it over and over. It is such a "feel good" song. I knew that He was with me every step of this journey.
Go back to my 09 blog tittled Boo Boo and you can compare how great my head looks.

I have to brag about my family. They were so awesome. My sister and mom bought me surprises all the time. I was beginning to think that brain surgery wasn't so bad after all because of all these goodies. Just Kidding! I was scared to death but I was trying to be strong. I know that is how they made me feel good and themselves good too. They are crazy. My in-laws are unbelievable. They stayed at the house the whole week and took care of Kyli and Kenna. My mother-in-law even organized my house. It Rocked. When I came home my parents kept the girls for three days and then we shipped them to Mimi and Pawpaws.

My husband, Chris, should be the husband of the year. He never left my side. He stayed with me in ICU the first night and stayed for the next 2 nights in my room with this little fold out chair. He took off from work for 3 weeks and was the best doctor to me. When we got home I slept in the recliner for 5 days and he was up every 3-4 hours giving me my meds. After a week of not being able to wash my hair, he washed it. Poor thing. It was awful. He is an amazing Christian man. God is so awesome to give him to me.
I also have amazing friends. They cooked, sent cards and flowers, Christmas caroled, called, etc. You name it, they did it. I love them so much. They make my life complete.


  1. what an awesome post!!! so glad that you had a great day back at school! your head looks awesome! God is so good and He will not let you down. He has had this planned for your life at this moment, well...FOREVER! love you, sister!

  2. You do look great!!!!!!! I am in complete amazement still! I know you have been stressed and concerned but to me, you seem very positive. I am terribly concerned with myself since I have no idea what's going on, but I hope to find relief soon (MONDAY actually)! I can't believe you went back to school after just 4 weeks, you are such a strong woman! I praise God for your healing and your wonderful family! So glad I found you!