Saturday, June 29, 2013

Grand Cayman- part 1

We arrived at the Marriott Resort around 4:00 and headed straight to the beach. Every day except Friday and weekends cruise ships are docked close by.

 We weren't sure were to go and eat and haven't studied the map yet so we just ate at Coconut Joe's because it was across the street. Very reasonably priced. We ate for less than $30.
 Beautiful sunset
 Turtle Oasis-view from our room
 The Marriott beach was so crowded. So I asked a local where is a hot snorkeling spot that is not so packed. He told us about Cemetery Reef and Smith Reef. So glad I have a big mouth that I am not afraid to ask questions. 
 So Tuesday we got up and ate the buffet breakfast at our hotel. It is $27 US a person but we knew that being gone we would not get a lunch. So we ate and headed to Cemetery Reef. We took snacks and drinks with us. It was so peaceful and beautiful.
 Walk way to the beach

 It was so cool seeing the rain in the distance

 Perfect shade spot
 Love my underwater camera

 Perfect beach spot

 Our favorite restaurant- The Sunshine Grill
Every time we travel we use TripAdvisor. So far they have rocked it!!
 Blue Chz burger and fish tacos plus a Painkiller
We ate there three times. Really reasonable prices.
 Every day they have a different flavor ice cream. 
 Beautiful sunsets

On the first day we figured out the bus system. It is $2 a person. So much cheaper than a taxi. The bus ran all up and down Seven Mile Beach. Our dollar is only worth 80 cents and it is expensive there. A can of Blue Diamond Almonds that I took on the trip for $2 cost $9 at our hotel. Advice: take lots of snacks and own refillable water bottles. That will save you tons of money. Also, take a medicine bag that has Tylenol, OFF, Neosporin, benadryl, etc. On the third day Chris and I got a rash and the Neosporin came in handy. On day 1 I forgot to take out my inserts of my fins and got the most ugly, painful sores. It looks like I have a disease!! I would have been miserable without my Neosporin.
Stay tuned!!! More pics to come!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Going Bonkers

My sister and Rob have been in Canada all week. Mom and I have been keeping the yaloos. Mom and I live one street over from each other so we pass the kids back and forth. Today after church we had a lemonade stand.
Took the kids to see Monsters University. Cute movie!!!

 I made them monkey cinnamon bread
Playing a game of pool
We took the kids to Mr Gattis in Fred. While there we stopped to see Granny.
Mr Gattis in Fred. Love that place!!!

I went and got me a pedi for our trip to Grand Cayman!! Woo hoo!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

             Chris dad and the girls
           Me, my dad and the girls
   The girls made Chris waffles and gave           him the cutest homemade gifts. 
   One more week and we will be in      Grand Cayman