Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Davis Family Pic

Two weeks ago we had the Sharp family pics scheduled. It was awful! It was raining and Chris got called out of town! I was so frazzled. So yesterday we meet Kim and had retakes. I love this pic. It is the favorite one that I have seen. 
Happy Halloween! Be careful out there with all the kids and their candy! For teachers sake, don't let them eat too much candy and have them bed at a decent time. Or better, keep them home on Thursday. That is the greatest gift you could give your teacher all year. Teachers HATE the day after Halloween! LOL!

Friday, October 26, 2012

What I'm Lovin

Lots has been going on in the Davis House. Chris has been busy the last two weeks so it has been me and the girls for the most part. I am so excited about the cold front that moved through Texas. It is 51 degrees and I'm loving it!
Kyli giving furry kids treats
Love my furry kids
More treats
Pink Dog

Pink Out! 
Spoiled rotten dog
Kenzy and Kenna
Sharp Family pic
LOVE these
Every day Raider goes to my mom and dad's house. He is so spoiled. 
Chris' moose has arrived from Alaska. It will be the Spring time until it's mounted.

Please pray for a college friend of mine. Marko and I worked at Whaler's Bay. His wife has been battling cancer and passed away this morning. They have a 3 year old son. My heart breaks for him, his son and his family. Cancer is so awful! Have a blessed weekend!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin Hunt

Last weekend my family was in town to take our first Sharp family pic. There are 8 adults and 7 grandchildren in the family. It was a train wreck. It started misting and then Chris was called out of town for work. UGH! After Chris left the sun came out and we got some good pics of everyones family. We are retaking my family this Sunday. I couldn't help but snap a few myself. 
 My brother and his family

 Now for the Pumpkin Hunt. Every year we have a Halloween pumpkin hunt. Inside the pumpkins are candy and $$$$$$$
Even the big kids (me) gets a pumpkin with $$$$

Isn't my mom the coolest and funnest! We love our annual hunt. I wish we could have a hunt every time we had a holiday. My kids would probably have their college paid for by the time they graduated high school. LOL! I am blessed to have the greatest parents that provide and do so much for me, my siblings and their grandchildren. Have a blessed week!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Kyli, Chris and her big kill
 Excuse the blood. I am sorry for the gorry pic but this is my family journal. I can't wait for the meat to be ready. I HATE buying meat from the store. It is so fatty!

We love us so basketball.

 Kenna and MaeSyn

Basketball is over in Marble Falls but sign ups for Upwards are just around the corner. This house loves basketball. I just pray that my girls continue to love the sport and have fun! AND it would be pretty awesome if they were hot shots! I guessing they will be since their momma was!!!! HA! HA!