Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Granddad's 88th Bday

I am a blessed girl. I am 35 years old and my mom's parents are alive and healthy. They are so precious. I just love them. Mom and Brandi went to DeLeon to spend the day and celebrate my granddad's 88th birthday. My girls just love going to see Grandmomma and Granddad. I am exhausted! Going back to school is so hard. For the first 6 weeks there is not enough time to get things done. I am already for Christmas break just so I can have some time to catch up and rest. Please continue to pray for our school system. It is really bad but it will be worse next year if our government doesn't step in and help us all out! Please continue to pray for rain!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kyli and Kenna's First Day of School

Monday, August 22nd was the first day of school. Kyli is in 3rd grade and Kenna is in kindergarten. We are very blessed with two awesome teachers. Kyli is in Mrs. Bullock's class and Kenna is in Mrs. Moore's. I took Kenna with me since she is at my campus. Chris took Kyli to school.
My fav picture of the girls and Raider

This is going to be a rough year. I have 21 students. 4 are a huge handful. Please pray for all teachers. We need lots of patience!!!! I have to remember how hard some of the kids have it. So sad! I need to be salt and the light! Don't get me wrong, teaching is so rewarding but it is so hard! We used to have smaller class sizes and support teachers in our class. They have taken all our help and we have a lot more kids. It is so sad where education ranks in this country.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Pool Party

The whole Sharp family got together for a back to school pool party on Sunday. Brandi and mom
All the grandkids. Notice the grass...we need rain!!!!!

Bo, me, Brandi

Ty keeping it real! Least he didn't go potty in the pool!

We put Slugger and Raider in a pen with a mister to keep them cool! Don't worry, they weren't out there long...it was 105 yesterday...ugh!!!

I had more pics of my kids but somehow they got deleted..frustrating!!! Happy back to school everyone!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bye, Bye Summer

Well, summer break is officially over for me. I went back to work on Monday. The girls' first day is Monday the 22nd. I am excited about the upcoming year. I will be team teaching with two other ladies. This is something new for us in 1st grade but hopefully it will be less stressful with our curriculum. I am sad to see summer gone for many reasons.
Grilling and smores

I'll miss my baby boy, Raider during the day. Hopefully Nanis will come get him at lunch and keep him until I can pick him up.
I will miss pool parties

Kyli and Kenna with cousins, Ethan and Kate
I will miss pedicures. Although, it is so stinkin hot I'll probably be able to wear flip flops all year long.
I am so very blessed to have a job where I get some time off with my family. Teaching is a very hard job and by the end of the school year my patience is nonexistence. Kids these days are not as well behaved and there is a huge lacking of parent support. Class sizes are too large. I have 22 kids this year. It will be a challenge. I will miss my girls, Raider, hanging by the pool, staying in my tshirt and shorts all day, my lazy days, pony tails, etc. I am thinking though that I am not fit for staying home because I was getting bored and impatient with my girls. I am ready for a new year and all the great things to come! Bye, Bye summer! See you next year!

Friday, August 12, 2011

What have we been doing?

I posted this out of order accidentally but it tells what we have been doing the last two weeks. For 8 days, my mom and I kept Brandi's 3 kids while she and her hubs when to Hawaii. It is a good thing that my mom and I live a block from each other. I also kept Schweenie and Slugger. It was HARD work! Mom is fixing to take them home in this pic! Praise the Lord!
I've been playing on Pinterest and printing things for my class
We have been waiting for the chickens to lay eggs. This is Kyli and Chris' newest summer project.
5 Little Monkies

We have been painting
We have been making necklaces
We have been cleaning out closets. Love this pic of Kenna is chris' high school football jersey
We have been playing beauty shop and Nani's loves it!

We have been chasing dogs
I've been trying recipes from pinterest
We've been swimming except Nate

We've also been chillin!
Nanis has been loving her grandbabies!

I have also been moving classrooms. If you are a teacher you know it is not an easy task. UGH! I hope to have it finished before I go back to school on Monday. Thank the Lord for my mom! I am so blessed for her! Does anyone have a MacBook and know how to save pics to an external hard drive? I haven't figured it out and it is driving me crazy! Please continue to pray for rain. This is the worse drought ever in the state of TX!