Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmas in Fredericksburg

Kyli and Kenna wearing Matilda Jane. We are off to church before Nate's 6th birthday!
Kenna eating ice cream. Yummy!!!!!
Kyli, Kenna and Reece

Our cool cousin that meet Hannah Montana!
Caden, Makenna, Jackson

Granny and Grandpa

Uncle David can't wait to open his gift.
Amanda, Reece, Cory, Kyli and Granny

My hubby Chris, Kenna and Pawpaw

What to do on a rainy day? Well, for Christmas the girls got a box filled with glitter glue, scrapbook paper, felt, stickers, etc. They decorated the letter K. It took them an hour. It was the best gift.


  1. Love the gift with all the scrapbooking supplies..awesome! Kenna and kyli are the most beautiful girls in the world!! I Love my smoochies!!

  2. I have a Kenna too! And a love for Matilda Jane . . .