Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Pics

A couple of weeks ago my family drove to Cedar Park to have pics taken. I was kinda excited because it has been 3 years since we have had family pics. After viewing the pics I have decided that I HAVE to loose some weight. I hate the pics that I am in but love the pics of the girls.
Me and the Mini Me
Chris and His Mini Me

Check out my round face. Boo hoo!
I think this pic of the girls will be my Christmas card
Mine and Brandi's yaloos! Love them! Should have planned in advance and could have scheduled when Ethan and Kate could be there. Laura was running in a marathon in San Antonio.
Only 12 more school days until Christmas Break! I love this time of year. The lights make me so happy. School is so much fun! Revenge is on tonight so I need to hurry to take my bath and chill on the couch!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy 60th Mom

Me and the hubs before Mom's Dinner Party
with Kenna Benna
Our Tree
Kenna and Raider
My Family
Bo and Laura

My family
This is how Raider sleeps
We went to MF for dinner. Mom was gifted with Pandora, flowers, cake, balloons and gift cards to a spa, movies and pedicure. She deserves so much more cuz she is the best!
We went to DeLeon for Thanksgiving to see my family. It was a fast trip but I loved seeing my family even if it is for only 3 hours.
Tomorrow we are headed to Fredericksburg for Chris' family Thanksgiving. I love going to Fred. Me and my MIL are going to the Peddler Show. I love the Peddler Show.
Having some time away from school has been fabulous. I so needed the break. I wish we had a week off. I was so worn out! I hope everyone has a safe and blessed holiday!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Feast and Amanda's Wedding

Burnet Schools held their Thanksgiving Feast last Wednesday. Being a teacher it is hard to make it to parties so thank goodness for Chris and Nanis. It started out with Kenna's Pow Wow.
Kenna's Indian name is Dancing Sunshine. When Kyli was in kinder hers was Pink Dog. Love it!
Kenna, Dash and Cody

Kenna and daddy
Shelly and Dash
Me, Chris and Kenna
Chris checked Kenna out of school and then they all headed to Kyli's school for round two of eating.
Chris and the girls
On Saturday my cousin's daughter got married. We drove to Palestine and the wedding was at Elmwood Gardens. It was so beautiful. It was so windy. The drive was 3 1/2 each way. UGH! Long day but I got to see my Sharp side of the family!

Kenna, Kate, Kyli and Ethan

My brother's family

My cute parents

I love this pic!
The even had Shetland Ponies and one baby

Wouldn't this be so cute in my back yard?
Aunt Judy, Uncle Donny and my dad
It was so good seeing my family. I haven't seen most of them in 5 years since grandmomma's funeral. SAD! We are all scattered all over Texas and Oklahoma. Maybe we can start a family reunion. Today is my niece, Kate's, 3rd bday. We are off to Nanis and Pappy's to celebrate. I am exhausted from the long drive yesterday! Have a blessed week!