Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Today was Kyli's first day of 4th grade and Kenna's first day in 1st grade. 
It did not start off good for Kenna. She didn't like her outfit that she picked out at Justice cuz it just didn't fit right. After mouthing and screaming Chris busted her butt! UGH! She cried for about 20 minutes and then finally decided to change her clothes. She is the pickiest when it comes to clothes.

 Kenna and Grant
 Our theme this year is Ms. McDonald had a farm. My principal's name is Ms. McDonald. We are having fun with this them. Me and my two teaching partners are the Three Little Pigs.

I am exhausted. I have 25 first graders. Yes, 25! Isn't that crazy. I am worn out. The good news is the are pretty good kids. I have a couple of boys that I will have to set straight but other than that it will be good. I have 16 boys and 9 girls! Holy Moly! The entire first grade class is boy heavy. Please say prayers for me that they hire another teacher. I don't think that with 25 kids you can have affective teaching. 16 is the golden number. I know that will never happen again! These kids need smaller class sizes so they can get some awesome small group instruction and guided reading. NOT happening with 25 kids. Please take them time and thank your child's teacher. Also, please volunteer in their classroom. My bestie, Shelly, spent the morning in my class and is coming again tomorrow. She is a HUGE blessing and lifesaver to me! Mom, hurry home! I am so ready to put you to work! Have a blessed week!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

GDO and What I'm Lovin

We have been busy! I went back to work on Monday and it was a great week. Today we had a GDO! Fun! We went with Carrie Beth and Madi. Then we met Brandi and Addi.
Here are some things I'm loving....
Kyli's ski out fit for $65. Got it online at 6pm.com
The whites are off but I really don't care.
$4.88 swimsuits at Academy. The girls each got 2 for next summer.
I love my furry kids
Me and CB at Lupe Tortiallas! YUMMY
I love KB's funny faces
Kyli and Madi at Lupe's drinking the most expensive rootbeer
KB lost another tooth

Chuck e Cheese, Chuck e Cheese, Chuck e Cheese!! They didn't win!
I love me a mango marg!
My new shirt that our grade level wears on Thursdays
you can order one at get gussied up on FB
I love these bars. The are pricey but awesome! You can find them on Maleluca sight.
Kenna loves cleaning guns with her daddy
Love this

I had an awesome week. I am so glad that our first grade team is such great friends. After a long day today, I am one tired momma! We start school on Tuesday. I have 23 kids in my first grade class! Please pray that some kids don't show or that we hire another teacher! Off to bed! Have a blessed week!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

What I'm Loving

We redid girls bathroom.
Got two new pair shoes for $30.
Made homemade ice cream on new maker that Mimi got us.
Best bargain this summer. Athleta swimsuit. Regular $115. Got it for $41. I ❤ the color!
Back to school for me tomorrow. Today was awesome! We went to church and then I came home and laid in bed and watched TV for most of the day. Life is good and God is great!
Rocket Dog Slide Ons
I also bought a bronze pair of Corky flip flops

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Boo! Our Summer Is Over!!!!!!

On Thursday we went to Brandi's and swam at their local swim park. It was fun. Mary Kate come with us. 



 Nanis got drenched

Sharp Grandkids

 Olympic Games

 Team Borchardt
 Team Davis
They have their game face on!!!!

 My Precious Babies
 My family

We have had an awesome summer! We didn't have any big trips planned this year. We are going skiing at Durango over Christmas. We also have a trip planned to Virginia in March and Orlando next summer. I am one blessed girl. I am going to miss my baby boy and the girls when school starts but I am ready to see my buddies at school.