Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chris' FBI NA graduation

On Thursday we flew into DC for Chris graduation from the FBI Academy. The FBI NA is in Quantico, Virginia. It is only about 30 miles from DC. 
Chris and his roommate, John

 This is how excited Kyli is at the graduation! LOL! We got there way too early.
 Chris and FBI Director, Robert Mueller

 Chris, his parents and the girls
 My cute family

 We stayed right out of DC in Alexandria, VA. It was an adorable place.
 Our hotel was on the Potomac River. We had a beautiful view.

 Chris' grandpa treated us to a celebration dinner at the Chart House. It was yummy!!!

 I loved all the brownstones!!!

 We made our way to DC and I am so glad Chris knew what he was doing riding the tram. I was so confused!

 The Capital

 WW11 Memorial
 My favorite was the Lincoln Monument

 On the way home we stayed in Charlotte, NC. We decided to give the girls their early bday present.

 The little rugrats have been wanting a Mini Ipad forever. They had been in the car for 10 hours and were so good. We decided it would occupy their time for our next ten hour drive.
 The next day we stopped in Gulfport, Mississippi. We planned on staying a whole day there and spending the night. Well, it was so cold that we got up early and headed to NOLA. We went to Pitbulls and Parolees to donate $ that Kyli has been saving but they were closed. Kyli was so disappointed. Kyli loves that show. We did get to talk to a volunteer and she was so kind to give us a little info. 

 We headed down to the French Quarter for about two hours. They loved it. They had so much fun! Kyli wants to go back this summer. Umm, NO!! Not a place for kids. Thank goodness it was during the week! We did not see any homeless, drunks or boobs!

 This dog plays dead for his owner. It was the funniest thing! When I walked up to it I really thought the dog was dead but I saw his belly move up and down. 
We are crazy and drove 1700 miles in 3 days. It was supposed to take 5 days but our plans were ruined because of the weather. So we made do and made a couple of fun stops. We are just so thankful we are home safe with our daddy and hubby. We discovered spicy cooked peanuts. They are so good. We can't wait to make some for our next party.
10 weeks went by pretty fast but there were times that we missed Chris terribly. We are so blessed that he had this wonderful opportunity to go to the FBI NA for top notch training. It was an amazing experience for Chris. Tomorrow it is back to the real world.... WORK!!!!!!