Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bulldog Pox

This weekend flew by. We went to the football game Friday. Avery's birthday on Saturday, shopped a little, babysat, church and lots of relaxing.
The girls are decorating with all their fall arts and craft stuff we got at Hobby Lobby

Chris' 35th birthday is October 1st. I decided to give him his present early. I am so bad. I can't wait. I get so excited. It is really hard at Christmas time.
This camera is 15 ft. waterproof. I am so excited about this camera. We actually tried it out in the pool. It rocks!

The girls have a bad case of Bulldog Pox. Isn't it so cute. It was a pain to get off. The actually wore them to Avery's bday party too!

Chris took the girls dove hunting tonight. NO luck! They had lots of fun though.

What a fantastic weekend. I have had allergies, been exhausted from school and have had a back ache for three days. I spent the day resting on a heating pad and feel so much better.
Have a great week!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Look what sweet Chris sent me the other day. I have been so busy at school and a little stressed so he sent these to school. I was shocked!Two weeks ago we went to a friends house to see Trumpet.

Chris and kenna looking for Trumpet
Kyli feeding the deer

There were so many beautiful deer.
We had a great weekend. We went to Rilyn's birthday, watched the Texas and Tech game, cleaned house, washed clothes, etc. I got lots of rest. I am ready for a new week. Hopefully it will get much better at school. Monday is little dribblers, Wednesday is gymnastics, Friday is a bday party and Homecoming and Saturday another bday party. BUSY week!
I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Phillipian 4:13

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Little Bulldogs

Happy Friday! Today is Burnet Bulldog Day. We love to wear our green and black. We have yet to make a game due to Chris' traveling. Next week hopefully we can go.
We have survived 4 weeks of school. It has been crazy. Everything is new! The biggest challenge is our new curriculum, CScope. In 11 years of teaching I have never been stressed, exhausted and feel like I want to just quit. I live for the weekends so I can rest and start all over on Monday.
Today I did a little Christmas shopping. Yeah for me! I love that I shop early so I won't spend so much money all at once. I bought the girls a cash register (a real one on Craigslist) and Squinkies. The girls' play store all the time and when I was a little girl I wanted a register so i got them one. I think the Squinkies are going to be the "rave" this year. They are always sold out at Target. Toys R Us online had a couple that were InStock. Woo Hoo!
Have a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

I love 3 day weekends! They go by so fast though. We played at Camp Longhorn, had girls spend the night, slept late, church, all the family came on Sunday, swam, etc. We had a blast!
Deets loving on Chris. Isn't this awful!
I try to get Deets to kiss me but he won't Girl Fun!
Mary Kate and Carley spent the night on Friday
Taylor and Rilyn playing too!
The Family
All the cousins
Watching the Texas Tech game on mom and dad's back porch

I love my Nater Tater
Happy Hour!
Chris went dove hunting with Governor Rick Perry. Chris said he was really cool and down to earth.
Chris, Rick Perry and Graham

I am swamped at work. I stay until 6:30 this evening and still am not caught up. It is pouring down rain. I am so thankful for the rain. We start school tomorrow at 10:00. Woo Hoo! Hopefully I can get to work early and get some work done.
Have a blessed week!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swimming at Camp Longhorn

After school on Friday we headed out to the MacKenna's to hang out by the slide and lazy river. They live at Camp Longhorn here in Burnet. We love going out there to play.
Kyli and Mary Kate

Mack and Cole
Mack was in my 1st grade class 2 years ago.
He is so precious

Ashley, nephew and sister

Carley and Lizzo

Sandy, me and Ashley having fun too!

Best Buds
We had a great afternoon. Mary Kate and Carley spent the night with us. We had a house full of girls. They were great and played so good together. I love having girls.