Monday, February 1, 2010

Pappy's Birthday

My dad turned 58 on Saturday. We celebrated on Sunday evening when he got back from the deer lease.Nate pouting
Pappy, Nanis and Ty

Kyli and Miss McDonald
Kyli received her 25 AR necklace tag
Miss McDonald is also my principal.
Kyli showing off her tag

Mary Kate and Kyli=Best Buds
Nanis came to school to eat lunch with Kyli for making 25 AR pts.
Me and Mini Me

So Chris is traveling again this week. Boo Hoo!!!! Every morning and evening we get on Skype so we can see each other. The girls love it. Kyli even read him a book over skype.
This makes two weeks in a row that he is traveling...... So, I get a Girls' Day on Saturday. We are going to shop and watch Dear John.
Please continue to pray for Sam. He continues chemo in Houston on Wednesday. My niece, Reese, had a sonogram today on her heart. Please pray for a normal sonogram.


  1. Yes she is your "Mini Me" stinkin cute!! I love her sweatshirt too!! Please keep us posted about your niece, she is in my prayers!

    Oh...Can't wait to see Dear John, I read the book a couple of weeks ago!! Hopefully I will not be a crying mess at the theater.. My husband always knows when I am reading a Nicholas Sparks

  2. ADORABLE kids and ADORABLE post!

  3. I hate it when my hubby is out of town so I feel for you girl! Have a great week! :)

  4. Oh' and just said a prayer of healing for your neice! Bless her heart!