Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Bday Sandy!

One of my BFs in Burnet turned 34 yesterday. Crystal and I threw her a little party at my house. It was so nice to chill around the pool with no kiddos.

Don't you love the "34" candle

Crystal, Nicki, me, Sandy, Christina, Casie

Please pray for all of Texas. We are in a severe drought. You can tell by the top pic how dry we are. I am so blessed to have wonderful friends. Only two weeks until school starts. boo hoo! I have so many things that I have not done yet. If only I could quit spending $ I could stay at home. Although, I would be really bored! Off to church. Have a blessed day! God is so good!

Friday, July 29, 2011

I need to go back to work

Every summer i tend to spend way too much money. Chris is ready for me to go back to school. My living room has neutral colors and I am want to add the colors in this mirror. My kitchen, dining(rust color) and living(light tan) is one open area. I am looking to add more of these colors to the living room.

Pier 1 mirrorMy friend just made me this. She makes all sizes. If you are interested in one her number is 512-577-9032. her name is Mikey and she is also a twin. great gifts. She makes all sizes and all colors.
I also just got this canvass of Raider Red. Love it!

Isn't this the cutest necklace. The girls are with friends and i decided to make this for our next bday party we are invited to.

My couch is leather with tan, sage green and brown cloth. I am thinking of ordering some pillows off of etsy. They are all different designs in turqouise, rust, goldish yellow and sage green prints. Anyone have any ideas to help this non-decorating girl out. I sure wish I could meet someone off of DIY or HGTV to come in and redo my house.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Trip to JW Marriott

We just got back from our family trip to JW marriott in San Antonio. It was fun! The difference between a trip and vacay vary a little. A vacay involves no kids. You can actually chill and not chase kids. A trip is with kids. NO relaxing. Lots of running around and having lots of fun!

The slides were a blast!

The hubby and girls

Kenna and Chris crusing down the slide. When I rode with Chris I flipped out. It was so fun! I felt like a little kid.


Me and Kyli on the lazy river

Chris and Kenna

Can you tell I have eaten about 100 strawberries?

snack time

Every night the resort has smores. YUMMY!

Me and my handsome hubby

I am not quiet sure what we were thinking but we won't to Six Flags. Kyli and I had free tickets because of the Read to Succeed program sponsored by Six Flags. It was hot, hot, hot! The girls loved it. Their favorite ride was the log ride.

The log ride. We rode it twice

Kyli is so excited!!!!!

2nd time on log ride and girls rode together so Chris and I could ride together

To end the day at Six Flags we played in the water park. It was so much better in the water than walking around in the park in the 103 temp

God has blessed me with the best hubby and sweetest and funniest girls! Our fun is over! We are having to winde down from summer and get ready for school. boo hoo!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

BF 2011

This weekend I went to Possum Kingdom Lake with my sister and BFs from high school. This is our 6th summer for BF. It was a blast. I am truly blessed to have amazing friends. We may not see or talk to each other often but we pick up right where we left off.

Kenna and RaiderAdorable
Poor Nate

BF has officially with begun with Amy making margs

Class of 1994 BFF

Amy, brandi, me, Ashley and Marian

Amy and Ashley

Brandi with her diet coke

Michael (Amy's hubby) was the boat boy

Brandi and her skinny girl margs

Back in April Possum Kingdom had a horrible fire. It claimed 130 houses. The ruins of houses were so sad!

What in the world do people do to own houses like this?

Side view. AMAZING!


Hell's Gate

Lovin this house cuz they had a Red Raider flag

Trip to Sonic for Diet Coke and Thumb print cookies

happy girls

party time at hell's gate. the top of the cliff are houses destroyed by fires. so sad

white flags- house surrendered to the fire

Thank you Amy and Michael for hosting BF at your beautiful lake house. I loved it. My BFs are truly amazing. I can't wait until next BF. Tomorrow Chris and I are taking the girls to San Antonio to stay at JW Marriott for two night. They are so excited. Only 3 weeks of summer vacation. boo hoo!