Saturday, January 30, 2010

Jill's Reception

My friend Jill married Thomas on January 2nd. They celebrated last night with friends and family in Marble Falls. I met Jill 4 years ago. She was the sub for me when I had Kenna.
Me and Calan

Crystal, Reese, Calan and Aaron
Crystal and Reese

Me and Tara
Tara is my teaching partner. She is having her 2nd child in March.

Jill's daughter MaeSyn

McCain eating the yummy ribs!!!!

Crystal, Tara, Erika and me

Crystal, Jill (the bride) and me
So the jacket I wore must have shrunk when I last washed it. I came home and threw it away. I am going to my sister's next weekend and she will take me to Forever 21 and then we are going to watch Dear John. I can't wait. I need some girl time. Chris traveled last week and he is also going to be gone all next week. UH!!!!!!!!!! It makes the week so long and I get sooooo exhausted.
Hubby and Kenna at Kyli's bball game. She made 2 baskets, stole the ball many times and had many assists. Kyli ROCKS!!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busy Bees

Wow! The last two weeks have been crazy. I think I need a couple days of just to get caught up. Let me tell you about my week this week.
To start off the week, my husband leaves for work on Monday morning and is not coming home until Thursday evening. Thank goodness the girls are a little older. I used to HATE it when he was gone during the week. School as usual. Get home at 5 and then at 6:30 I go to the church for a meeting about the possibility about getting a Haitian orphan. Thank goodness for my mom. She had the girls when i got home at 8. We did not get an orphan because the kids are needing emergency medical needs and we can not afford to take off anymore time. As a school teacher you only get so many days a year. I used all of my for my surgery and now I have NO days. I get docked $222 a day if I miss. SAD!!!!!
Tuesday-get up 5:30, school, get home at 5, Kyli is not feelling well so we skip bball practice.
Wed.-alarm off at 5:30, call father-in-law to see if he can take Ty(11 year old lab) to dr. I love my in-laws. They have been life savers the last two months. She has upper respitory infection, leave school at 2, head to physical therapy with mom and girls in Austin, home at 7:30. I have to do physical therapy every day. Hopefully this will help my balance. Just one more thing to add to my day. I'll let ya know in 3 weeks if I have some improvement.
Tomorrow is school as usual. Hoping Chris gets home so i can go to bunco and have some girl time.
Friday-school, milk and cookies after school(really means margaritas and chips and hot sauce), and wedding reception on Friday evening.
That about sums up my work week. I am exhausted but it doesn't keep me from checking out blogs.
Kyli, Kenna and Schweenie

My son, Spankie. Spankie is my stinkie crabby patty. I got him when I was a sophomore in college and moved to Lubbock to go to Texas Tech. He brings so much joy to our family. Or, he used to anyway. We still love him so much. DON'T touch him when he is in his chair!!!!

My little smoochies posing with their new headbands that Mimi got them.
My niece, Reece, has RSV. Please pray for her and her family. During the x-ray today they noticed something abnormal with her heart. They are scheduling a sonogram to see what is going on. We are nervous but know that God is holding her in His arms and will make her okay.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prayers Needed

Happy Birthday to me and Brandi. This was our birthday celebration with the kids. The kids made us a Hannah Montana Birthday cake. We are sporting our HM wigs. Our kids love Hannah Montana. We went to the Miley Cyrus concert back in October. It was awesome.
My goodies from Brandi, Nate, Addi and Ty

Aren't these so cute. Sticky notes are from Target and Thank you notes are from Wal-mart.

Kenna showing off my Miley Cyrus brand clothes from Brandi. Yes, she got these at Wal-mart. Wal-mart ROCKS!!!

I am so proud of Kyli. The last 3 weeks she has made 100s on her spelling test. It is very hard being a 1st grade teacher and having a child that really has to work hard to get good grades. She tries so hard and it is finally paying off. She finally hit 20 AR points and gets to go to the AR store. Woo Hoo!!!
Isn't this so beautiful? I took these two pics out of the plane window on our way from Jamaica. We went to Jamaica in July for our 10 year anniversary.
God is such an amazing creator!
I am asking that each of you add Sam Bolm to your prayer list at church and tell your friends and family about him. Sam is the brother-in-law to my very good friend, Shay. Shay was an awesome prayer warrior for me when i had my crainiotomy back on Dec. 8th. She was actually there to support me and my family that day. She came into ICU and told me good bye.
Later that evening, she was back at Brackenridge because Sam was having horrible migraines. Well, he had a brain tumor. Sam was a couple doors down from me on the 9th floor. On Dec. 11th I was released from the hospital and Sam had surgery to remove his tumor.
Sam has a brain tumor, tumor on neck and the cancer has spread to his lung. He is being treated at MDA in Houston. Today at church our Pastor, Rodney McGee, asked everyone to raise a hand to God while he prayed for Sam's full recovery. It was so emotional. Everyone was sobbing.
The last two weeks at church we have been studying the book of James. It is so fitting for those that are struggling right now. If you have time please read James 1 2-27.
It starts like this...Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything...
On another note......I was also touched at church today by many of the Haitan children that are orphans. It made me weep thinking about all the lonely children and began asking myself..."what if this was my child," "would someone come and take care of my girls." I feel that God gave me a 2nd chance in my healing, why can't i help a child in his/her healing. Chris and I talked about taking in an orphan temporarily. I am going to a meeting tomorrow night to get more details. I ask that God guides Chris and I through this discision. Please pray for Chris and I in the decision we make. The organization has so many details to iron out that there is a possiblity that this may not even happen.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Kenna is MIA with Pawpaw. I miss her so much but she loves her Pawpaw. Mimi suddenly had to go to Fredericksburg to help out with Grandpa and Kenna threw a fit when Chris told her she couldn't go. She insisted that she see Pawpaw. So the little toot got her way. Chris took her out to Pawpaws and she is still there. Is sure is nice though having a night with NO arguing. Kyli's best bud is staying the weekend with us. We love Mary Kate. She brings so much joy to our lives. We just think the world of her family too. They are pretty special to me. I had MK's brother, Mack, last year in my class. He is so precious too. Kyli and MK become best buds when they were in Mrs. Moore's kinder class.

Everyone always says time flies and you blink and your kids are all grown. I am beginning to get sad as the months fly by. Kenna will be 4 in March and Kyli 7 in May. Kenna is not a baby or a toddler anymore. She is a little girl just like her big sister. They are the best of buds. Well, most of the time. We have at least 2 fights a day. Kyli is all into sports and Kenna is following in her footsteps. Kenna and I had a "little talk." She knows that mommy is sad because she is getting big. She told me that I could be happy because she would stay my baby and not grow. Isn't that so cute? Besides dying on the cross for me, God gave me the greatest gift of all.... MY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!I thank Him so much for all my many blessings.
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Psalm 127:3-4

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

This is how my day started. Madison and her mom made me cupcakes for my birthday. My class sang happy birthday to me and then we celebrated with the most moist scrumptious cupcakes.
Kyli and Kenna helping me blow out the candlesMy smoochie poochies and me
Chris, Kenna and me at Chili's

Is this the cutest cake or what? Kyli and Kenna worked really hard to make this the best pet shop cake. Of course, Nanis helped a little too.

Nanis, Kyli, Dolly and Papi at Chili's.

This was an awesome birthday. I woke up and my girls sang happy bday to me. Kyli also told her daddy that he needed to drive us to school because i don't have to do ANYTHING all day!!! She rocks. Kyli carried my purse, bag and drink to and from the car.

Chris got me work out gear and mom and dad gave me money. Mimi said she sent me a card with money too. I love money.

Birthday Party Round 2 is Saturday. Brandi and kids are coming to town.
Woo Hoo! I better get some rest before all the yaloos are together.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Best Friends

This pic is supposed to be the last pic posted. I made a mistake and i don't know how to move it. Michael(Amy's husband), Chris (my hubby) and Jamey (Ashley's husband).The guys had to get together with us also to keep us under control. Sandi(me), Shay,
Crystal, Sandy, Tonya
My BFs in Burnet. They ROCK!!!
Me and Shay
Crystal and Tonya
Sorry about the blurry pic!
Crack Heads---Shay and Sandy. JK!!!!!!I love them bunches. They bring so much joy to my life. Shay and Sandy were at the hospital the day I had surgery to support my psycho mom. They were very entertaining.
My bday present from Sandy. Yes, I do Rock and so do my buds. I say "you rock" and "rock on" all the time. My 34th bday is january 20th. boo hoo! I am getting old.
Saturday night I met my BFs from high school. We brought our kids. Marian didn't bring Megan because she was at a friends house. Brandi didn't bring her kids because she said they couldn't behave. She is right 99.9% if the time.
Mason, Peyton, Pacey, Pressley, Kyli, Kate and Kenna
Best Friends..Sandi, Ashley, Marian, Amy and Brandi
Little girls are Pacey(left) and Kate (right)
I love my best friends. They are so awesome. They ROCK!!!!! Everyone of them were so good to me during my surgery and recovery. I had prayers all across the state of TEXAS!!!!!They brought me food, flowers, pj's, cards......

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Star

Update on my friend Amanda.....All is good. No tumor. Praise God!!!!! She will be going to a doctor to help her with a nerve that is causing the headaches.
Update on me....Dr. Kemper put me in physical therapy to help with my balance since it hasn't improved at all. Boo hoo. I have to go every day. Dr. Kemper said my head should be back to "normal" in 6 months. The vision could take up to two years. There is a possibility that it will not get better. The good news is that it won't get any worse. I will see him again in March. The scar looks great. I still have some soreness and sharp pains but nothing too bad.
I am so excited about this weekend. Tonight I am going to Lampasas to see my high school BFs!! Every July we also go on a girls' get away but we never get together any other time because of scheduling. I can't wait.
Tomorrow I am meeting with my Burnet BFs at Jardin's for mango margaritas. Woo hoo. We have so much to catch up on. I can't wait to post pics of my BFs.
Kenna is not in any of the following pics so I decided to take one of her so she wouldn't be left out!Kyli is taking after her mommy. She loves basketball. She made 4 goals today!
She is a Super Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She loves to steal the ball and take it to the goal and score. We are working really hard on lay ups.

Our soccer season ended back in November. Two games were canceled due to rain. We finally had an awards ceremony. Haley, Kyli and Madison played together for the Titans. Madison is also in my class.

Kyli and Coach Jay. Coach Jay is a fabulous coach.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Small World

It is so crazy how Amanda and I have met. Both our hubbies are Game Wardens and we both know Jennifer Hall(her husband is a game warden too.) I met Jennifer about 7 years ago when we lived in Livingston. When we lived there Jennifer's husband was just out of college but wanted to be a game warden to follow in his father's foot steps. Amanda met Jennifer through the Wives of TX Game Wardens on FB. Jennifer also found me and we reconnected after 7 years. When I had my surgery Dec. 8th, Jennifer contacted me and I told her what was wrong.

Amanda had been having horrible headaches for 2 years. No one in the El Paso area could help her. Jennifer shared my story with Amanda and her we are.....
Tomorrow Amanda goes to see my neurosurgeon at Austin Brain and Spine for the 2nd time. Hopefully Dr. Kemper will give Amanda and Chad the answers they have been waiting for for so long.
For the last two days they have stayed with us. We are so blessed to have met such a wonderful people. They are great friends.
Isn't it amazing how God works in mysterious ways....through FB!!!!!! Please pray for my friend and her family.
I received a get well card in the mail from a friend of a friend in Lubbock. It is on my desk and read it everytime I sit at my desk. I think this scripture is my favorite in my own healing.
"The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up...." James 5:15

Prayers Needed

How I miss my pool. I am so ready for summer.
Kyli is an awesome ball player. She scored 2 points on Saturday. I am so proud. She takes after her momma.
Nate and Addi came and stayed the weekend with us. Kyli and Nate were teaching Kenna and Taylor how to play basketball.

It has been 5 weeks since my surgery and I am doing great. Friends are still cooking meals. Darlene Denton delivered a meal to us today at school. Perfect timing because Chad and Amanda West are staying with us.
God is so amazing in the work he does. My new friend has been having some popping in her head and severe headaches. She lives in West TX. NO doctor has been able to help Amanda. She found out about my surgery through a friend we both know that is in Livingston. Amanda and her husband, Chad, came to visit with Dr. Kemper and they have been staying with us. Tomorrow Amanda goes back to see Dr. Kemper and find out what is causing all the pain.
I know that God will protect her and give her the strength and courage that she needs right now.
Please pray for Amanda and Chad. I know how scared she is and she needs all the prayers she can get.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to School

4 Weeks after surgery

Today I went back to school. My class was awesome. I have taught for 10 years and this is the BEST class by far. They are all so amazing and each student is unique and special in his/her own way. It is amazing how God works. He knew I needed a fantastic class because this surgery is what he had in store for me. I am still healing from the surgery on Dec. 8th. My head is sensitive and sore. It is truly unbelievable how quickly how I have healed. God is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!

If you know me, you know I don't let things get me down. Well, I thought that I didn't stress much about the surgery. I gave it to God and I knew he would take care of me. Well, now that the surgery is over and I am doing awesome I know that I was stressed. I feel so happy. I seem to laugh more and I am not as short tempered as I was.

I discovered a song by Leona Lewis. It is called Footprints in the Sand. I listened to it every day for two months. Sometimes I would play it over and over. It is such a "feel good" song. I knew that He was with me every step of this journey.
Go back to my 09 blog tittled Boo Boo and you can compare how great my head looks.

I have to brag about my family. They were so awesome. My sister and mom bought me surprises all the time. I was beginning to think that brain surgery wasn't so bad after all because of all these goodies. Just Kidding! I was scared to death but I was trying to be strong. I know that is how they made me feel good and themselves good too. They are crazy. My in-laws are unbelievable. They stayed at the house the whole week and took care of Kyli and Kenna. My mother-in-law even organized my house. It Rocked. When I came home my parents kept the girls for three days and then we shipped them to Mimi and Pawpaws.

My husband, Chris, should be the husband of the year. He never left my side. He stayed with me in ICU the first night and stayed for the next 2 nights in my room with this little fold out chair. He took off from work for 3 weeks and was the best doctor to me. When we got home I slept in the recliner for 5 days and he was up every 3-4 hours giving me my meds. After a week of not being able to wash my hair, he washed it. Poor thing. It was awful. He is an amazing Christian man. God is so awesome to give him to me.
I also have amazing friends. They cooked, sent cards and flowers, Christmas caroled, called, etc. You name it, they did it. I love them so much. They make my life complete.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmas in Fredericksburg

Kyli and Kenna wearing Matilda Jane. We are off to church before Nate's 6th birthday!
Kenna eating ice cream. Yummy!!!!!
Kyli, Kenna and Reece

Our cool cousin that meet Hannah Montana!
Caden, Makenna, Jackson

Granny and Grandpa

Uncle David can't wait to open his gift.
Amanda, Reece, Cory, Kyli and Granny

My hubby Chris, Kenna and Pawpaw

What to do on a rainy day? Well, for Christmas the girls got a box filled with glitter glue, scrapbook paper, felt, stickers, etc. They decorated the letter K. It took them an hour. It was the best gift.