Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

This is how my day started. Madison and her mom made me cupcakes for my birthday. My class sang happy birthday to me and then we celebrated with the most moist scrumptious cupcakes.
Kyli and Kenna helping me blow out the candlesMy smoochie poochies and me
Chris, Kenna and me at Chili's

Is this the cutest cake or what? Kyli and Kenna worked really hard to make this the best pet shop cake. Of course, Nanis helped a little too.

Nanis, Kyli, Dolly and Papi at Chili's.

This was an awesome birthday. I woke up and my girls sang happy bday to me. Kyli also told her daddy that he needed to drive us to school because i don't have to do ANYTHING all day!!! She rocks. Kyli carried my purse, bag and drink to and from the car.

Chris got me work out gear and mom and dad gave me money. Mimi said she sent me a card with money too. I love money.

Birthday Party Round 2 is Saturday. Brandi and kids are coming to town.
Woo Hoo! I better get some rest before all the yaloos are together.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Sandi! Love you!
    Also...LOVE your new music on your blog! And YES, HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!!!

  2. LOVE the Pet Shop cake!!!!! Can't wait til Saturday!

  3. Hi Sandi,

    I am hopping over from your sis's blog to wish you a Happy Birthday! Your family is too sweet! I love your cupcakes and your littlest pet shop cake. Oh and I like the way your daughter thinks,that was so cute that she didn't want you to do anything all day!!
    Have a great Birthday weekend, you have a beautiful family, looking forward to reading more!