Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Best Friends

This pic is supposed to be the last pic posted. I made a mistake and i don't know how to move it. Michael(Amy's husband), Chris (my hubby) and Jamey (Ashley's husband).The guys had to get together with us also to keep us under control. Sandi(me), Shay,
Crystal, Sandy, Tonya
My BFs in Burnet. They ROCK!!!
Me and Shay
Crystal and Tonya
Sorry about the blurry pic!
Crack Heads---Shay and Sandy. JK!!!!!!I love them bunches. They bring so much joy to my life. Shay and Sandy were at the hospital the day I had surgery to support my psycho mom. They were very entertaining.
My bday present from Sandy. Yes, I do Rock and so do my buds. I say "you rock" and "rock on" all the time. My 34th bday is january 20th. boo hoo! I am getting old.
Saturday night I met my BFs from high school. We brought our kids. Marian didn't bring Megan because she was at a friends house. Brandi didn't bring her kids because she said they couldn't behave. She is right 99.9% if the time.
Mason, Peyton, Pacey, Pressley, Kyli, Kate and Kenna
Best Friends..Sandi, Ashley, Marian, Amy and Brandi
Little girls are Pacey(left) and Kate (right)
I love my best friends. They are so awesome. They ROCK!!!!! Everyone of them were so good to me during my surgery and recovery. I had prayers all across the state of TEXAS!!!!!They brought me food, flowers, pj's, cards......


  1. Looks like you had fun with the girls tonight. Telly Sandy that I love the YOU ROCK rock! CUTE!

  2. cute post and yes, YOU do ROCK!
    Love yoU!