Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

What a Weekend!!!!
Today we went to Austin to a Matilda Jane Premier party and ran a couple of errands. The best part of the day was meeting Brandi and the kids. We ate a Panera and it was yummy. Aren't these little kids the cutest!!!!!!
I love my Smoochies!
Yesterday morning was Kyli and Kenna's last basketball game with Upwards. Boo Hoo! I love watching them play. They both rock!
Kenna and buddy Reese

Here comes Kenna!
Kenna and best buddy, Dash
Me giving Kenna advice

Kenna rocks! She is a great ball handler and she scored 6 points. Go Kenna!
This was the best game that Kyli has ever played. I can't believe how awesome a bunch of 6 and 7 years old are. Kyli scored 20 points. She is an awesome hustler.

After the game we ate at Subway then headed to Caroline's house for her birthday. They loaded up and went to Austin to go ice skating. FUN!!!
Kenna, Chris and I headed to soccer skills test after we dropped Kyli off. Then that evening it was Upwards Celebration.
Kyli, Ashlynn, Haley, Karley, Gracie, Madison
Kenna with fingers in her mouth

Kyli's team
I am so proud of these girls. Stephanie and I had a blast coaching them.
On Friday night me and some girlfriends went out and had sushi. Yummy!
Carrie and Carrie
Patricia, Carrie Beth and Me
I am so blessed to have an amazing family and friends. God is so good!
I have already started planning for Kenna's 5th birthday. I ordered her shirt from Polkadaises. Kenna is so excited. Soccer starts this week and our first game is Saturday. No time for rest.
Have a BLESSED week!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We have one more basketball game left until soccer starts. We are always on the go. It is insane but I love watching my rascals.
Superstars Kyli and Karley
Superstar Kenna
She scored 6 points

Chris took pics for me and he forgot to take it into the gym when Kyli played. I am the coach or I would have taken lots of pics.
Soccer practice in the back yard
Kyli can even play soccer in a dresses. She rocks!
I love my superstars!!!

I got Kenna's new bedding in the mail. I can't wait to post pics of her "new room." Chris took the girls to gymnastics and I made dinner. I made meatloaf balls made from deer meat and shredded cheese, steamed broccoli, carrots and grapes. I thought it tasted pretty good. Tomorrow is our 1st grade program, Friday is Girls Night, Saturday is full of basketball, soccer and birthday parties and Sunday is time for church and family. 12 more school days until Spring Break! Woo Hoo! I need a break!