Thursday, June 30, 2011

Belize Day 5

Our last day in Belize basically consisted of fishing and enjoying the water. We fished 1/2 a day and then that evening Ramon's cooked our fish for us. YUMMY! It was the best fish ever!
Carrie and my favorite place. They had the BEST fish tacos and margaritas!

Thank goodness for Skyping! We skyped every day. No cell service.
This is how we spent our last afternoon! I was sad it was almost over but eager to get home to see my babies.

The white wave is where the reef is
Carrie and I fishing

Jay caught this baracuda

I love this pic of my stud!

Lobster season started the day we left. Next time, we want to come back the week it starts for the lobster fest. This is a house on the water. They are guarding their traps.
Belize was so relaxing. It was much needed after a long school year. I didn't worry about my girls at all cuz they were in good hands. I definately see us going back to Abergris Caye. It was AMAZING!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Belize Day 4

On Sunday we were going on an all day trip to the Blue Hole. The trip was canceled due to rough waters. So we rented a golf cart and went all over the island.
Pics of our resort

Leaving Ramon's to tour the island

For lunch we ate at the Lazy Croc. BEST bbq ever! Here is a pic of the "lazy croc."

I need this sign
After lunch we went to the Palapa Bar. It was so cool.

Night time at Ramons

If you are thinking about planning a trip, you should definately consider Belize. It rocked!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Belize Day 3

The guys got up and went tarpen fishing and Carrie and I chilled by the beach and read all day! It was so peaceful. I bet I took 3 cat naps. Chris loved tarpen fishing. He said it was just looking hunting a big buck. Carrie and I discovered our favorite place, The Wild Mango! Every evening we walked around and booths were set up. Two nights we decided to eat at them for dinner. It was good. For $2 you could get burritos or hotdogs wrapped in bacon with all kind of toppings.

This cemetery was all light up at night time. Kinda freaky!

Blogging this trip already makes me want to already go back. LOVED it!