Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Fever

Praise the Lord for this beautiful weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have spring fever. I don't want to do anything unless it is doing something outside.
Pic of Triple T drinking from the faucet when we left it dripping during the freezing cold a couple of weeks ago.When Ty sleeps inside, she sleeps by my side of the bed
Loving this weather. We went to Inks Lake to enjoy the beautiful weather

Wade is the monster. The girls love to play monster!

I am loving this bible! I read a day or two every night.
Check out this TV stand Chris made. I am still wanting to paint it turquoise but I haven't had the chance. Chris wants to put a back on it to cover the wires.
I am so happy it is Friday. Wade and Lauren are coming over to make sushi. Kyli and Kenna have bball games tomorrow. We are going to DeLeon to the fund raiser for my mom's brother, Danny. Danny suffered a stroke several months ago.
I am redoing Kenna's room. I found the cutest quilt in Pottery Barn Teen. I can't wait to get it here and put it all together.
Kyli and Triple T
Kenna pouting again since Kyli is holding the kitty
Have a blessed day!


  1. The girls are getting soooo big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ty looks so old! And Wade as the monster, awesome!!

  2. your BIGGIE kitty! And i'm so jealous of u'r weather. It hit 60 here...amazing! I can't wait to have Spring days! Love the shelving fun! Enjoy u'r great weather 4 me!