Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Love Womens Retreat

This weekend I went on a Womens Retreat with my church to Fredericksburg. The guest speakers were Anita Renfroe and Laurie Cole. It was unbelievable. We left Friday and went to the spa and shopped. Friday night started with Anita Renfroe. It was awesome. The greates thing was that I got to grow in Faith with my mom and besties!!!!!!!
Sandy and Shay
Me, Mom and Crystal
Anita Renfroe
Crystal and Sandy getting picked on by Anita. It was tooooooo funny!
Crystal, Anita Renfroe and Sandy

Sandi (me) and Sandy
me, Sandy and Crystal
Amy, Sandy, Crystal, me and Shay
Man, I look short! Maybe that's why Shay calls me Shorty!!!!!!!

This was what we ate on Saturday evening. Scrumptious!
The girls texting the hubs! Next time we are going to leave our phones at home!
Satuday evening we played a game of LCR! So much Fun!

We were so loud laughing playing this game that more Burnet chicks game to our room and begging to play! Ha!

I won the first game.
Shannon won the 2nd.
Mom won the 3rd.
Shay won the final game!
We had the best weekend ever! I cried more and laughed more in those two days than I have in my entire life. My girlfriends complete the circle. I am so blessed to have such wonderful girlfriends. They mean the world to me.
I am already wanting to plan another weekend getaway!
While I was away, Chris took the girls to their basketball games and then to Fredericksburg to stay with his parents. Kyli scored 16 points. I am so proud of my girl. Kenna is still not quiet sure about playing in front of people. They got spoiled rotten at Mimi and Pawpaws. They came home with crabs, baby doll clothes, new clothes and Valentine's Day goodies. Mimi is out of control! She says she can't help herself.
Have a blessed and cozy week!
If you want a great laugh go to youtube and search Anita Renfroe. Listen to the Mom Song, You Raise Me Up and all her other titles. It will make your day! I promise!


  1. Sandi, it sounds like you had an awesome weekend!! Good for you...and to experience that with your Mom and girlfriends, even BETTER!! It has now been over a year that about 20 girls went to a Beth Moore conference in OKC and we had the same great's just nice to get away and experience God's love!!! He is so good! Have an awesome week!

  2. I had a great weekend! Thanks girls for letting me tag along. Sandi, your friends are the best! There were nearly 200 women there. I would say for the first retreat our church has ever had, that is truely remarkable. You could really feel God's presence. It was so uplifting! We cried a little & laughed a lot. Boy, did I ever need that. Thanks Sandi for being such a wonderful daughter. You Rock!!!! Wished Brandi could have experienced this with us. Maybe next time. We are truely blessed. Our God is an awesome God!!!!!!!!!

  3. What a lovely weekend time with girlfriends (and your mom)!!!!! Your cross shirts are absolutely AdOrAbLe! Such a wonderful experience!