Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Arctic Chill

The last two days have been CHILLY! Yesterday the high was 24 and today 17 with the windchill -1. People in Texas don't know how to handle this. We had no water due to frozen pipes and some peeps have no electricty! WOW! We lost our big tree out by the road due to high winds on Tuesday morning. We were very fortunate that there was not more damage.

Today I had my hair colored. I went a little blonder and cut off quiet a bit.
Kenna being a toot tonight!

Kenna took my pic. I think she and Kyli are great photographers When I came home today Chris had a surprise for me. Under Armor Sackpack! Love it! Great for field trips, outdoor activities, etc I love the color!

Kyli is MIA because she is the good kid and went to bed. I think Kenna is going through a stage. UGH!
I weighed in today. In 3 weeks I lost 4 1/2 lbs. Woo Hoo!
2 more days and I am off to a girl weekend. Praying the snow and sleet stay away!
Have a Blessed day!


  1. Did that tree almost land on your Tahoe??? Looks like it! Your hair is rockin'.....likey a lot!! Kenna is presh! And how nice of chris to surprise you!

  2. Your hair is adorable! Love it. Glad your house was not damaged. Have a wonderful girls weekend.

  3. oh my word...the tree! crazy high winds!! it has been so stinkin cold and snowy in LBK! No school on Tuesday and Wed/Thurs school delays, but I think the roads have been worse!! High of 19 today!! Wind Chill is crazy!
    Love your hair! Stay warm and enjoy your girls weekend!

  4. Congrats on your weight loss! I think all kids go through stages at times and we just have to bear with them, but man it can be rough!! Ha! KM is too cute!! You need to show us what MJ you bought! I love seeing what others loved!

  5. Oh, cold winds are the worst! Living in a woods...we worry about trees falling on our house! And i'm so jealous of your pretty new color! I had to cancely hair appt. For some odd reason, my hairdresser doesn't work during blizzards! Ha! And so sweet of your hubs! What a great surprise! And....awesome weight loss! I'm on a bootcamp that my hubs made. Now that all of this snow is here, i just want to EAT!!!!! Great job, sandi! Oh, i'll trade u... We have built in snow daya, but so far we have to make some days up...and your location looks dreamy!!!!

  6. Love the shade of blonde you went with -- so pretty!