Monday, October 1, 2012

Yeah!! Chris is Home

The last 19 days have been the longest days of my life! Chris left for Alaska and the next day I get strep. I go to the dr on Friday and get on amoxicillin. Well, my body resisted the drugs so I thought I was dying. I went back Monday got a shot and another antibiotic. Wednesday rolls around and Ty the 14 year old lab gets out of yard. Mom finds her the next evening looking awful. Friday morning I wake up to find her in doggy heaven. It was so sad especially since Chris wasn't home. We got Ty right before we got married.
I was blaming myself for her death because I left the gate open while spraying for ants. A man read my sign I posted about a lost dog and texted me. He had her the whole day and half she was missing. He tried to water and feed her. He also took some pics of her that made me so relieved. She was ok and not lost. I told him Ty had gone to doggy heaven to be with Spankie that morning.
The next 10 days were much better but we still missed Chris being home. He arrived home today on his bday. We are a happy little family again.
My parents are my lifesavers!! They kept me going the first 9 days! It was awful! I also had major septic problems but my dad saved the day again.
I know these 19 days are preparing me for when Chris goes to FBI Academy in January for 10 weeks! Boo!


  1. Oh girl! Yep, bet you are soooo happy hubs is back! But his friend....I'm not a fan of :(

  2. Lauren, I know! It's sad but it feeds lots of people. That's the only justification!

  3. I'm with Lauren, poor little critter!!! I knowk the food is yummy though! yeah for chris being back home!

  4. I'm so sorry about your sweet dog! So sad! Jason and I lived apart for two months when he moved here and it was soooooooo hard! So hang in there when he does his training and be glad your parents are close!!!!