Saturday, October 13, 2012

What I'm Lovin

I'm LOVING Friday's!! Go Bulldogs!
Me & KB
CHURCH with the girls and Addi
Makenna and Kyli at bball 
Kyli and BFF Mary Kate
So proud they made Top DAWG
Kyli, MK and Gracyn
I LOVE these girls
(yes, Kyli and MK are wearing glittery make-up) 
Kyli on her field trip at the LBJ Settlement Park
It helps with my crazy, frizzy hair
Crazy girls
roots colored for family pics
My boots that have taken me forever to find. It is so hard to get boots zipped over my calves!!!
Kenna and BFF, Dash

Kenna loves her some m&ms and Cheetos. Thanks Mrs. Rhonda!
Texas Tech
I am excited about this weekend. My brother and sister are coming into town. We are having a Halloween party for the kids, grilling and we are having Sharp family pics taken. This should be interesting. 8 adults and 7 children. I hope we can get one decent pic. Happy Saturday!!!

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  1. did u go find my boots?? CA UTE!!!!!!! Can't wait to see my lovebugs!!