Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catching Up

Lots has been going on in the Davis House! Chris has been in Alaska now for 14 days. So much has happened since he's been gone. I cried for the first 12 days he was gone. The last two days have been great though. I am trying to catch up on my pics.
Before Chris left he bought a crossbow. We use it to hunt hogs and deer on a lease by the lake. Love the crossbow!

 Deats has to be kenneled when we shoot the bow. He barks the whole time. BRAT!
 Cartwheeling Kenna

 I love this little dude

 This past weekend me, mom and girls went to Brandi's. We went to Nate's game and then did a little shopping.

 Brandi and Kyli cheering for Nate

 Saturday night was GNO! It was great! My girlfriends are nut!

 Stripes are NOT good for this big momma!
Chris called this evening on the satellite phone and said he killed a big moose. YEAH! We can not wait for him to be home. I have missed him like crazy.


  1. Y'all are some cute cheerleaders for Nate! GNO looked fun, fun!! Is your dog ok? I read something on Brandi's blog about him. 3 weeks is a long time for your hubs to be gone... 1 more week! Hang in there!!!!!

    1. Whitney, Ty didn't make it through the night once we got her home. It was so sad! Especially since Chris is gone. I'll tell him about her when he gets home on Monday. It has been so hard! Thanks for checking in!

  2. hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. Very sweet! Okay, I think it's a small world but I'm not sure. On the girlfriends picture- the girl in the football shirt (I think her name is Kari) If so, I went to ACU with her. Didn't know her very well cuz I think she was a yr younger than me. Anyways, what makes it smaller is that her sister, Missy, is married to Brad and Brad was one of my late husband's best friends from college. Super sweet family.

  3. My name was Jennifer Townsend back then. She might not remember me. That's been a long time. I just recently saw her sister in Georgia when I was visiting my dad there in August. They were good friends with my hubby. Small world :)