Thursday, October 18, 2012


Kyli, Chris and her big kill
 Excuse the blood. I am sorry for the gorry pic but this is my family journal. I can't wait for the meat to be ready. I HATE buying meat from the store. It is so fatty!

We love us so basketball.

 Kenna and MaeSyn

Basketball is over in Marble Falls but sign ups for Upwards are just around the corner. This house loves basketball. I just pray that my girls continue to love the sport and have fun! AND it would be pretty awesome if they were hot shots! I guessing they will be since their momma was!!!! HA! HA!

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  1. i loved all these pictures! felt like a was watching YOU and CHRIS play basketball! love all of KB's expressions! too cute! good job, Kyli, on the deer! WOW!!