Saturday, October 6, 2012

Party, Project and Basketball

We have been very busy this past week.  Last weekend Kyli went to Gracyn's slumber party. They were picked up by a limo and then ate at Chili's. They cruised by all the parents house and the girls had a blast. I happen to snap some pics!!!

Kyli had a book project over the Vet Volunteer Series. So since Raider had to go to the vet we took advantage of it and snapped some pics for her poster. 

 I bought them some legos for being so good while Chris was away! When Chris got home he got them some fish.
Little Dribblers
I absolutely love basketball. It is my favorite sport to play. My girls rock!

 Go Kenna

 Kenna's good buddy, MaeSyn
 Go MaeSyn

 Go Kyli

We went to Brandi's today and got a couple of clothes for the girls and I got a pair of boots. I also scored some clothes out of Brandi's closet.  We brought Addi back home with us. Tomorrow Kyli and Chris are hunting again and me, KB and Addi are going to church. I hope they get a deer cuz my freezer is empty. I hate buying ground beef from the store. have a blessed Sunday!

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