Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Is Here!!!

Praise the Lord! Today is our first day of summer! Here is what we have been doing the last three days. 
Tuitti fruitti
Shopping at Justice
yep, that's right! My miniature schnauzer had this coral snake in his mouth. Thank God Chris was home to save the day! I panicked and ran Raider to the vet. He was not bitten at all. We learned that Coral snakes latch on and don't let go. Praise God!
More Tuitti Fruitti
Garage Sale with the cousins
Target lunch 
Kyli loves her Justice glasses she didn't take them off to eat!
Money from K & K's lemonade stand
I want money, lots and lots of $!!!!!!
Chillin in the Sun
Cousin Ethan came to swim
Today I took Kyli to the doctor to check out her hips. Her right leg is longer than her left. We will go to the Orthopedic doctor next Monday to see what the next step is. I just pray that this is treatable and she will be okay and keep growing with no pain. 
Praise the Lord once again for protecting our family.  We can't believe the coral snake didn't get Raider!!!

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