Saturday, June 9, 2012

Girls, Girls, Girls

The last three days we have had girls in and out of the house. It has been lots of fun but man I am tired and out of food! All these pics always get scrambled when I blog from my iphone.
Addi came and stayed two nights with us and we played beauty shop a lot.
We ran into two of my former students when I taught 4th grade. Sierra and Samantha will be freshman. They are the most precious, adorable girls. There seniors were with them at Chili's. 
Addi and Kyli
Kyli, Kyla, Kenna and Gracyn
I love these girls!
this pic is blurry but I love how Taylor and Kenna are tangled up

The girls cleaned out all my fruit and Nutella in one day!

Praise the Lord for the great rain we received!
Still eating
And they are still eating
I am on day 3 of 30 day shred.
Every day I walk, do the video and watch what I eat. 
I sauted some veggies and threw in some crab. Low fat and yummy!
Deats wants in every night! BRAT!

I am so blessed to have two sweet daughters that have wonderful friends. I am serious when I say there is NO girl drama within K & K's circle of friends! (YET, anyways! I pray that they stay so sweet and loving!)

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  1. Cute girls!! Addison said Kenna painted her finger nails! Presh!