Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family Fun at Inks

On Monday and Tuesday we went camping with my mom and dad. It was fun but we are so tired now!
Day 1
KB is MIA cuz she is at church camp

 Addi and Kyli

 Precious boys

 Brandi on the kids kayak

 Even Raider got to go to the lake

 Mom and Dad (Nanis and Pappy)

 That evening we went out for our last gathering with Tonya. They are moving to Argyle. Boo! Hoo!
Carrie Beth, Crystal and Tonya
 and me
 Day 2
Everyone is feeding the baby bird (Kenna)

 Me and the walrus
 KB and Taylor
 KB, Addi and Taylor

 The walrus floated away and this sweet boy jumped in his canoe and brought it back. Ty and Addi were so sad. It was so funny!

 The handsome hubby

 Brandi's rascals

 Pappy thought he would give kayaking a try but......

 he feel out!!!!

 Tired girls!

 So this is what we are doing today... watching movies and Praising the Lord for this rainy day!
Well, in the last two weeks we have replaced two water heaters and now I am waiting for the repair man to fix the washer. I am sick of everything breaking!!!!!!! I pray this is it! Have a blessed day!

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