Sunday, June 17, 2012

30 Day shred

I have been doing the 30 Day Shred. I just completed video one which is 10 days. I love it! I am also walking 2 1/2 miles every day. I have also cut my calorie intake. I need to lose 10 lbs at least. More importantly I want to feel good about myself and keep it off!
I love it when the girls go walking with me. This doesn't happen too often though because they end up getting tired. They basically have to run to keep up with my walk.

Me after the first 10 days! Excited to see results after the next 10 days! I am not sure if I have lost weight but I have lost inches. My weigh ins are on Monday mornings.
Excuse the nappy do!
Yes, Kyli is WT walking in just a sports bra. She wants to be "fit" like Jillian.
WT Kenna
Check out her new Nike shoes!
Chris is coming home today. He is been at the Game Warden Fish Tourney. Man, he has the life! 
Happy Father's Day!


  1. this post made my day!!! good for you on the eating right, exercising and feeling great! kenna...gotta love that girl!!! I look just like her in my sports bra and shorts!! hehe!

  2. The girls are adorbs!! Love my little pooter pants!! And you are one smokin' hot momma!!

  3. I LOVE the JM videos b/c they are 30 mins... reasonable!! I have the 30 day shred too!!