Thursday, June 14, 2012

Daddy's Little Chicks

We spent Wednesday evening at Inks Lake State Park. We kayaked and swam.  I am always behind the camera so you never see me in pics. We need to work on that!


Devil's Water Hole
People jump off those rocks all the time. I am not ready for my girls to try this!!!!

 Chris(daddy duck) and his chicks following him!
I love this pic!

My WORLD!!!! I am BLESSED!!!

I think we will have to invest in another kayak so we can kayak as a family! I am in search of a $ tree right now. LOL! We replaced one water heater last week and this morning our other water heater is leaking! UGH! It will be replaced on Monday! I hate when things go wrong in the house. They are usually NOT cheap! I will moan about it all day but in reality it is nothing at all compared what others in this world are going through. My family is healthy! I love my ducklings! Happy Thursday!

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