Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Coming To An End!

Kyli shot her first hog with a cross bow!
On New Years Eve eve we went to Fredericksburg to meet up with Chris' family. We ate at Altdorf's. Yummy German food.

Pawpaw just had two surgeries on his hand. It has been a crazy week! He is doing much better! Kenna crashed and burned on her roller blades. You can see her boo boo on her chest.
Mimi and Pawpaw took the granddaughters on a horse carriage ride. They loved it. Kyli took the pics.

We met back up at the ice cream parlor
Bubba Kenna
We ended 2011 with a couple of fire crackers
Kyli is still not sure of them. She worries about catching something on fire. AND the noise!
Kenna LOVES them
Kyli is too funny

Kyli had no part in this bottle rocket

Me and my precious baby boy, Raider
I love him so much!
We also had dinner at Chili's. The highlight of the last day of the year was spent spending lots of $ on a new dishwasher. JK! UGH! We built our house 5 years ago and purchased all LG products because Home Depot highly recommended them. Well in 5 years, we have replaced the stove, dishwasher and had the fridge worked on twice. I will never buy another LG product nor will I step foot in Home Depot. We spent $3500 on the kitchen appliances and they are ALL crap! We bought a Whirlpool Gold dishwasher. The bad news is I won't get it for another 8 days. Looks like the girls will be washing dishes.
2011 has been an amazing year. I have the best hubby, daughters, family and friends. We have our health! We have a wonderful church! I love my job (well, on most days) and I couldn't be more blessed.
Chris and I were able to take to vacays this year with each other, Belize and New Orleans. I loved Belize and am definately looking forward to returning. We took the girls to San Antonio for a couple of days and had a blast. Raider joined our family. That little man healed my broken heart. I still miss Spankie so much but Raider reminds me of him so much.
Over the holidays I drove long distances twice in the dark. I was in awe of my vision. I have not driven in the dark (except running to town and back) in over 3 years. My vision was clear and not blurry. The last two years have completely changed my health. God is good and so is Dr. Kemper.
Well, it is time to get the girls to bed. We are scrooges this year and will not be joining in on the fun at any parties. I feel sure we will be in bed by 10:00. We will be getting up and heading to Fred for our last Christmas this year with Granny and Grandpa. Please pray for patience form me because we go back to school on Monday. UGH! So dreading that day!
My diet starts on Monday. My goal is to lose 10 lbs. I know I can do it. I have done it before!
Have a safe New Years Eve! See you in 2012!

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