Thursday, December 22, 2011

Friends, Food & Fun

Last night we met Chad and Amanda at Chili's. Yummy! Then we went to Starbuck's to get hot chocolate. We went to the Walk of Lights and then drove around. We discovered that not too many people put up lights anymore. We had a great time!
Me and Amanda
She is 6 months pregnant with Kylan. Isn't she so cute?

Chad & Amanda
It is a crazy story how we met. Her hubby is a game warden and through another game warden wife that we both knew is how we meet. Crazy story! Anyways, they are great friends! Can't wait until we meet up again. Tomorrow is Christmas at my parents, Saturday we are going to my grandparents in DeLeon and Sunday Santa is visiting us and then we are off to Fredericksburg. Whew! It will be crazy but the girls are so excited. I keep on reminding the girls why we celebrate Christmas.
I am so frustrated right now because we can not find our underwater camera. That camera cost about $250. UGH! I just got it for him a little over a year ago. Not a good time to loose a camera. Hopefully my Canon rebel will work over Christmas! The battery does not last long.
Have a Merry Christmas and safe travels!


  1. Amanda doesn't even look preggers!!! Fun times!!

  2. Yall are too funny! I am definitely "preggers" and have a kicking baby boy on my hands! =)

    We had a blast, Sandi. <3 yall!