Monday, December 5, 2011

A Little Behind

I am a little behind on posting our pics from Thanksgiving. On Turkey day we went to DeLeon to be with my mom's family. Our family is so big we have to celebrate at the church
My granddad is a stud

I love my grandparents. So blessed they are alive and healthy! That is what I am most thankful for!
Aunt Glen, Mom and Terry(mom's cousin)

On Friday morning we headed to Fredericksburg. I love that place. If you have a chance you and your spouse or family need to visit. Every year we go ice skating. This is the third time and the girls rocked!

Cousin Love

Chris' cousin Dave and his family
The girls are giving Raider a bath. Yes, Kenna is naked and bathing with him.

I am so blessed! I am not just thankful at Thanksgiving but thankful all year. This year I am most thankful for my family and my healed head. The doctor told me it would take almost two full years to fully recover from brain surgery. It is completely true. Up until about 4 months ago my face would just hurt all the time. I guess after one year and 7 months everything has healed. My face rarely hurts, headaches are very few, balance is much better and my vision is completely restored. I can't believe it! And the S&W neurosurgeons said it couldn't be done........with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26
I thank God every day for all his blessings!


  1. I didn't take any pics from Thanksgiving!!! Dude, naked while giving Rayray a bath...awesome! That's what Addison does when she gives Sluggera bath.

  2. Hip, hip, hooray for a successful surgery!
    Ice skating....looks so dreamy!
    Hear Fredricksburg is quite the gem!