Saturday, December 24, 2011

I love Christmas!

Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love the decor, lights, food, family, games and gifts. It is so fun watching the gifts open gifts and seeing their expressions. Of course, we also teach the kids it is not about the gifts but it is about Jesus' birthday.
Triple T hides under the tree to get away from Raider
Me and my handsome baby, Raider
Ty is so proud of his new undies
On Dec. 23rd is when we have Christmas at my mom and dads. It is fun. We eat, eat, and eat more. Then we open gifts and play games. Then we usually eat, eat, eat again. I am stuffed. I have got to loose 10 pounds. UGH!
My cute family

Nanis house
Bucket time (stockings)

The Spoiled kids- Me, Bo, Brandi
The spoiled grandkids

Game on!

I got some new pots and pans for Christmas! yeah!
Present time!


A new kitty pillow. I have an old, disgusting kitty pillow that my Aunt Sis made about 37 years ago. I took it from my brother when I was little and still sleep with it. It is my security. Mom and Brandi that this pillow pet would be the purrfect replacement. We shall see!!!!!
Mom & Dad
LCR- love that game. The kids played too this year

Kenna and Sissy

We had a great Christmas at Nanis and Pappy's. Today we are off to Deleon to have Christmas with my mom's family. The girls are so excited and can't wait until Santa comes. They hope he brings them an American Girl Doll. Silly girls!

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  1. We have the best parents!!!!!!!!!!!! We are spoiled!! Great pics!