Friday, December 3, 2010

Kyli's First Buck

Today Chris picked Kyli up from school and took her deer hunting. I felt sure he would have brought her a pair of jeans with her camo shirt. NOPE! Oh well, check out this buck she shot. She absolutely loves to hunt with her daddy. I am so proud of her for bringing some meat home. I love deer meat, especially when my mom fries it. First Grade Team
Happy Birthday Jan

Kenna and Addison being goofy around the tree

Woo Hoo! It is finally the weekend. We are having breakfast with Santa, going to Hobby Lobby and making cookies at Brandi's house. I love Christmas!


  1. Did Kyli actually shoot that thing?! and where did you get that adorable shirt that Kenna is wearing...i can't see all of it, but it looks super cute!

  2. Yes Steph Kyli actually shot that one and one about two weeks ago. She has been practing shooting a gun at a target and she has been dead on both times. She loves it. I love the deer meat. I can't remember exactually where I got kenna's shirt. I got it last year.