Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at Nanis and Pappy's

Last night we went to my mom and dad's for Christmas. We ate, played games, chatted and ate some more. It is so much fun when we all get together. I love the holidays especially Christmas!
My cuties
Nate and his bow
Addison, Nate and Kenna
All the grandkids getting reading to dive into their buckets

Finally, we get to open presents. I don't know how many times Kyli asked "when are we opening presents." She comes by it honest. Brandi and I were the biggest snoopers and couldn't wait to open presents.

The girls helping Pappy

I got a bag full of goodies

Brandi modeling her new bag and hat
Me and Brandi
Us plus SIL- Laura

Mom, You rock!
Don't you think it is so cute how Brandi and Mom dressed alike?

My brother, Bo, and his wife, Laura
Ethan and Addison
The Guys
Dad (showing off his nice shirt), Bo, Rob and chris

The Girls and Kyli and Kenna

Addi, Kyli, Ethan and Kenna were singing Christmas songs and making jewelry. it was so cute!Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas!
Please continue to pray for the Bolm's. Brad is at home but he has a long road ahead of him.


  1. We had a great time!! I so love when all my family is together. I am truely blessed!!

  2. YES, it is way cute that mom and I dressed alike!!!! Loved playing LCR, glad you finally won a game!!! HEHE!