Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Coming to an End

Happy New Year!
Tonight my mom and my girls were my date. My dad and hubby are off hunting! Poor us but at least we have each other. We had a birthday party for Nate and then headed to Hobby Lobby. I'll post later on my great buys.
Many great things have happened this year. The most amazing thing is my healing. God is so amazing. I am so blessed!
This pic of Kenna and I is 4 weeks after surgery. At this point I hadn't had a change in my vision, balance or headaches. Spring Break in Durango, Colorado
I didn't get to ski but it was so fun watching the girls. 3 months post surgery and just finished physical therapy. This was the first time I saw an improvement in my vision. We were riding on the train and Chris walked through the front of the train and I could see him so clear and could make out who he was! I was excited. I just teared up.

NYC- June
6 months post surgery
I finally realize that this surgery was successful!

The saddest point in our family was when Spankie went to doggy heaven. It broke our hearts. It was the hardest thing we had to do besides preparing for surgery. He will forever be apart of our family and we will never forget him. I miss him terribly. I still have melt downs over him.
He was my baby boy for 15 years.

There are two versus that I have lived by everyday that I want to share.
"The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well, the Lord will raise him up..." James 5:15
"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Phillipines 4:13
Christmas at Mimi and Pawpaw's

Kyli's new James Avery earrings
Playing a new game. LCR- you have to get it. We play it with quarters.
The girls love making a mess at Mimi's

Tomorrow the girls and I are off to Fredericksburg to have Christmas with Chris' family. On Monday I go back to work. I have really enjoyed my time off. I am so sad about going to work but when you like to spend money and travel you have to work to play. So, I choose to work so our family can play!
Happy New Year!

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  1. So thankful that your surgery was a success!!! That just ROCKS!!! Plain and simple! Hope you have a wonderful time in F-burg and Happy 2011! Love you, Friend!