Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Fun

December is such a busy month. I love it! The excitement on the kids faces is priceless. We went to have breakfast with Santa on Saturday. Mom picked up Addison on Friday and she spent the night so she could go see Santa.
Kyli and Addison loved Santa. Addi even tried to pull his hat off. Kenna wasn't so sure about Santa

They loved piling their donut up with marshmellows, morsels and sprinkles

Yummy for my tummy!
After Santa, we headed to Sissy's to watch Nate play ball.

Then after a long day shopping, we decorated cookies.

So precious!

This year I have decided not to do Christmas cards. I didn't do them last year because of the surgery and this year I just don't want to gather all the addresses and make a card. Well, I am feelin kinda bad so I thought I would try and get a good pic of the girls before church. I still have talked myself into the cards yet.

We have a busy week ahead.
Monday- Kenna's Christmas pageant
Tuesday- Kyli and Kenna basketball practice
Wednesday- Kyli and Kenna gymnastics
Thursday- Kyli's Christmas program
Saturday- we have a session schedule to get family pics taken
What a week! Only 10 more school days until Christmas break!

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  1. love the sweet pics of your girls!! kenna looks so OLD...she is not suppose to be a BIG GIRL! Make her stop growing, Sandi! Kyli is just the sweetest!! Love those girls and their awesome parents!! Have a great week, Sister!