Monday, May 20, 2013

Spartan Race at Reville Peak Ranch

This past weekend Chris and I spent our weekend working at the Spartan Race. It was so awesome meeting people from all over the US. The girls came out and ran the Kids Spartan.
Addie Grace, KB, Gracyn, Mary Kate and Kyli
 The girls and Hudson

 Scratched, bruised and ant bites!!!!!

Praying for all those that are affected by the tornadoes. So sad! Today at school we were on lockdown. It was unexpected. I have never in my life been so scared. It is crazy how your adrenalin kicks in. We were in the hall when my teaching partner yelled at me that we were in lockdown. I ran into both bathrooms and gathered all my kids. They were awesome. They ran into the class and huddled down like they have been trained. I ran to my desk to grab my keys and locked my door. We all stayed in the corner of my room with lights off. No one moved. One boy asked me if it was for real. I knew they were scared because they were silent. I told them that sometimes that we have to have a lockdown with no warnings so we can practice. My heart was racing, I was praying and then peace filled me when I knew if something did happen I knew where I was going. About 10 minutes after it started we got the ok that all was clear. I just assumed someone was on my campus with a gun. There was a man on the street with a knife and possibly armed. The police were not sure where he was headed so they called our school and put us on lockdown. Praise God! Have a blessed week!

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