Friday, May 3, 2013

Little Bit of Nothing

We have been extremely busy between work and running the girls around to soccer and basketball. The countdown is on till summer. I can't wait just to relax in my Nike shorts and tshirts all day. AND lay out in the pool. 
Raider got a much needed haircut today. 

I teach 1st grade with two partners. We all teach guided reading and then I teach 3 classes of math. It has been my 2nd year to teach this way and I LOVE it. Today in my class we played Jeopardy. This was the Daily Double Question. My principal got a kick out of this question!!

I absolutely love this class. They are so sweet and precious. They have awesome parents too!

This is a spoiled rotten cat
I love tootin around in the jeep

Kyky and my shaggy boy

President Obama's helicopter in Waco

Kyli's new pet fish that lasted 5 days. Poor fishy!

Kyli wants a bunny so bad

Grass mowed and flowers planted

For two weeks I have had awful allergies. Last week it was so bad I went to the doctor twice. My eyes were so red and itchy!!!

My cute parents

KB's art work

Watchin soccer from the car

flash back friday- College days at Whaler's Bay

This weekend Kyli is playing in a basketball tourney in Georgetown. I am praying that Kyky rocks it. Have a blessed weekend! This momma is off to bed. 

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