Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kyli's 10th Birthday

I can't believe my baby is 10. How can time fly so fast. I don't like it!!!!!!

 KB gave Kyli a Vera Bradley case for her mini iPad

 Nanis and Kyli made cupcake for her class
 While Kyli celebrated her bday at school, KB had movie day. We watched Finding Nemo. 
 Since she had cupcakes at lunch we just had ice cream for her to blow out candles. Her big celebration is next week. We are having a couple girls stay the night and a swim party. 

 I wash looking back through some pics and found these of Kyli. I need to scan her baby pics and put them on my blog.
 One of my fav pics. I love her eyes.

 Kyli's first trip to the mountains at 1 1/2 years old

 2 years old

I wish my babies were still little. They were so cute. Although, it is so much easier now that they are older.
It is a very busy month. Birthdays, Mother's Day, Spartan Race, Basketball tourneys, graduations, etc. I am counting down the days until Chris and I go to the Grand Cayman Islands. I can not wait. We have been so busy since he has been back from Virginia that we have not even had a date. So they beach and a drink are calling our names. Have a blessed day!

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