Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kyli's 10th Birthday Party

After Kyli's basketball scrimmage on Thursday a couple of girls spent the night. Thank goodness they got some swimming time in on Thursday and Friday morning. It poured Friday afternoon when more girls joined the party. 

 Kyli, MK, Gracyn, Kyla, Caroline and Makenna
 Kyli, MK, Kyla
 Kyla, Makenna, Caroline
 Crazy Gracyn
 KB and MaeSyn and photo bombed by Gracyn
 Mary Kate

 Happy 10th Birthday Kyli

 Present time

 We love Camp Longhorn
 Raider loves all the attention from the girls

 Kyli is already ready to go blow all of her birthday money. She doesn't like the idea of saving for a car and college. 
I absolutely love these girls. They are in 4th grade and you know how girls are. This group of girls are so fun and crazy. To this day there has been NO girl drama. I know our time is coming but now I just love being around them all. I am so thankful for Kyli's great friends and their parents for raising them right!!!!!!! Our party may have not ended liked we planned but we are so grateful for the rain. Praise the Lord for the much needed rain and for Kyli's awesome party!!!! Have a blessed weekend!!!!!!!!

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