Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wild and Wacky

On Thursday we had our Trunk or Treat at the Church. It was cold and windy. It also started misting which made for a miserable night. Thank goodness we left early. Kenna dressed up as Smurfette and Kyli was a pig.
Kenna and Taylor=BFF
Smurfette and Kyli loves their Nanis
Shay and Sandy worked the first shift at the nacho booth. Amy and I took the 2nd shift and we only worked for about 20 minutes because we ran out! Praise the Lord because the wind and drizzle were miserable!
I love my girlfriends!
Mom made 48 cupcakes for the girls to take to school. I thought she did a great job!
Wild and Wacky
There are 9 first grade teachers. This is a pic of my hall. We had so much fun! By the end of the day I had a huge headache because of my hair. My friend, Shelly, came to my class and put little cups in my pony tail to look like that. Excuse my hair. I get it colored on Tuesday.
Kenna has a cough and I have a stuffy nose. We are off to take the girls deer hunting. We are almost out of meat so I hope we bring home a deer. Have a blessed and safe weekend!


  1. Smurfette....such wonderful memories of my childhood! It sure does look windy at your school event! And I couldn't work the nacho booth. I would close it every last chip! Mmmmmm! Love your momma's sweets and bet the kids loved seeing their teachers in the Halloween spirit! Oh, and the deer? Ya, they r all in my woods....huge....happy....and safe! :) :) :)

  2. Dude, love your hair!!!!!! Smurfette is adorbs and what is on Kyli's head???? Love your classroom wall...adorbs!!!