Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reville Peak Ranch

This was a fantastic weekend. Friday night we just chilled. On Saturday we just chilled. I was so happy. Today we went to early service at 9:00. It was a great sermon on hope. Then at 3:00 we went to HCF Men's Outdoor Ministry. They hosted Family Day at Reville Ranch. I love going out there. You can fish, kayak, bike ride, etc........
The girls before church
Kyli and Kenna with Shaggy Raider. He gets a hair cut on Tuesday
Reville Peak Ranch
The trees in the water look so weird to me. The water is so low compared to normal. So sad! We didn't catch one fish. Makes for a bad fishing trip. UGH!
Kyli had just started fishing and was already griping because she hadn't caught a fish. She is like me, she only likes to fish if she is catching.

My fav pic

Kenna playing with a worm. Poor worm!
Me chillin with my sweet tea!

Still no fish, so K and K are playing in the mud
Kenna is sitting on the paddle board with Delaney
Kyli kayaking

On Saturday night, Taylor and Rilyn came over to watch Rio.
Rilyn and Kyli
Double Trouble- Taylor and Kenna
Shaggy Raider
His personality reminds me so much of Spankie. He even looks like him.

The last two weekends have been so wonderful. We have basically stayed home and relaxed except on Sunday when we go to church. I love Nicholas Sparks and yesterday I watched Dear John. I boo hoed. I just love young love. Reminds me of Chris and me. I don't have anything planned next weekend either except I really want to go see Footloose. I heard it was great. I am excited about my two new shows. I like Pan Am on Sunday nights and I am LOVING Revenge on Wednesday nights. Have a blessed week!


  1. Those are the best weekends! We never have those at our house b/w soccer and football! :)