Thursday, October 27, 2011

I love this time of year!

I love this cooler weather. I love the falling leaves, pumpkins, and all the great food! Kyli is shooting her bbgun. She is so excited about opening youth weekend.
Silly girls

Handsome Raider
I love the Smurfs. I found these dresses on Etsy at Okee Dokee.
My little piglet
Notice Reese and Kenna counting in the background. They are playing Find the Piggie

Reese and Kenna
Halloween Party at Nanis

Raider and Slugger fighting

Hunting Halloween Eggs that are filled with $$$$$$$$

Brandi and I each got a pumpkin too! Woo Hoo

Off to church for our Trunk or Treat. We have a crazy day tomorrow and a busy weekend and Monday ahead of us. I am ready for a vacay. Belize sure would be nice to visit again!

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  1. All of our leaves are, yellow...beautiful! Such fun...your parents hosting a Halloween party...way fun! And hunting? I tell all of our locals to come into our woods...I'll feed them and keep them safe! Ha! (probably why we counted 33 deer walking in our woods at one time last winter)! We do have to put a Yellow colored coat on our greyhound now. She is fawn color and the size of a small deer! Yikes!