Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Getaway

This weekend we had a fast weekend getaway to Fredericksburg. The girls went with Mimi and Pawpaw to Waco to celebrate Reece's 2nd birthday so we stayed at their house. Chris, Brandi, Rob, Lauren, Wade and I left for Fredericksburg about 10:00 Saturday morning. Heading into Fred we decided to make a short visit to Luckenbach and then go eat at Alamo Springs Cafe. It has the BEST burger and french fries.
Me and Baby Boy, Raider
Eating at Alamo Springs Cafe
Brandi and Rob
Wade and Lauren
I know you are thinking I am crazy for taking my dog. It would have been way out of the way to take him to Chris' parents house and then come all they way back. He was way better than kids. I was such a proud momma! he he!

Brandi and I split a burger and we all shared ff and onion rings.

Every doggie is some doggie in Luckenbach!!!!

Auslanders has great German food!
Lauren was craving saurkraut so we had to join the guys for a "snack"
Jay and Carrie joined us later and we ate dinner at Altdorf's
A couple of weekends ago we went to Lakeway for Rilyn's 4th bday

We had to put Raider in the playhouse while the girls were playing ball cuz Ty and Deets want to eat him. Poor thing!

Today was a great Monday! My class was wonderful all day! I feel like I can finally catch my breath now that the first six weeks is over. Kyli had a ball game tonight and played great. She scored 6 points. Kyli's chickens have laid 8 eggs and she is so excited. I am so excited that Shelly is cleaning my house tomorrow and this weekend will be a lazy weekend. Have a blessed week!

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  1. RAider is the bomb! Love the pic of him in the house...hehe!! PRESH!!!! LOVE me some yummy burger and wonder I'm a chubba bubba!!!!