Saturday, October 8, 2011

Burnet Bulldogs vs. Lampasas Badgers

Last night we went to watch the Bulldogs play the Badgers. I graduated from Lampasas and loved Badger football. I still love watching the Badgers. It brings back so many wonderful memories of high school. I also love the Burnet Bulldogs. It was a great game. In the end, the Badger won 37-29.
Kyli, Gracyn and Kenna
Marian(BFF from high school) and me

Sophie always gives the girls candy. They know that when we go see Sophie that she will have them some candy. I love this pic of Dax. Doesn't he look so thrilled to be in the pic?

Lauren, Marian, Sophie and me
This is how our Saturday morning started....Roller skating!

We can not put Raider in the backyard because Ty and Deets will eat him. We are trying to get them used to each other. Raider sits in his pin and barks. Deets is coming around. Ty NOT so much. Ty is almost 13 and wants nothing to do with a crazy, hyper puppy.
We have great chance for rain today! Please pray that we get lots of it! Have a blessed weekend!


  1. Go Badgers!!! Sorry we beat Burnet!!! Y'all look so cute! Love Kyli's hat. Ray Ray is presh!!! Love my nephew!!

  2. Fun game nite! If the Weather is nice, we can hear the football announcers from our deck! Fun! And sooooo digging those skates! Back in the day I rocked on the roller skates!