Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whoooo Wants a New Necklace!!!!

Here are the creations the girls have come up with so far. We are having fun putting all the colors together.

My fav is the one with the flower on the left. (Brandi this one is also for Addi) Addison's new necklace
Kyli's creation to match her Vintage Lucy Lemonade Stand tank

The neighbors came over and we played make-up and hair. They decided to model the necklaces. This is Miss Taylor

Another creation by Kyli modeled by Finley

Miss Rilyn

Miss Kenna modeling her latest creation

So we were making them for fun and to keep us busy. I have decided to sell for $15 plus $5 shipping if you are interested. The $ will go towards more beads and from each necklace sold I will put $5 in the girls piggy bank. They are great bday gifts. i am fixing to start on a Texas Tech and Burnet Bulldog necklace. I am leaving for a girls getaway until Sunday and then headed to San Antonio with the family until Wednesday. I am one busy girl. I just got hooked on Pinterest. Don't start because it takes to much of your time. he he!

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. woohoo!!!!! So proud of you!!!!!! And the girls too!!! ADORBS!

  2. Love the necklaces! I will TOTALLY have to buy one for my niece! But forget the $5 shipping, we could just meet up for fun time! =)

  3. Girl, you so need one for your niece. We can make anything. I am so excited about the Burnet Bulldog and Texas Tech ones I am making for the girls. Are you having a good summer? We have had a blast. I am leaving tomorrow for a trip with my BF from high school. Then on Monday the family is going to San Antonio for 3 days. Next time you come through Burnet, call me! Oh, digging your new table. I want you to come to my house and help me decorate my living room. I just found these frames that are to die for. I am adding some turqouise in with all the rust and earth tones.

  4. Finley had so much fun at your house today! Love the necklaces! I will place an order soon!!

  5. too cute! I'm gonna have to get one of those necklaces for my little Livie!
    Your girls are the cutest things EVER!